How to maintain the indentation machine


The structure of the indentation machine is not complex, so it is more convenient to use, but if it is not properly maintained, it will still cause some failures. Users in the use of indentation machine before, be sure to carefully read the instructions, and then in accordance with its requirements to use, adjust, and maintain it, so as to ensure that the machine can run normally, the quality of the product also has a certain guarantee. Always check the various parts of the machine, whether there are abnormal phenomena, whether the parts are in good condition, if found to be damaged or abnormal, it is necessary to replace the parts or repair in time. If the machine often appears abnormal sound, also want to timely analyze the reason, and then troubleshoot, wait until it is normal after use. When the machine is pressed and cut, any metal material or hard items can not be transferred to the working plane, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the machine, so that the gain outweighs the loss. When the machine is working, it is also necessary to clean up debris in time to prevent some debris from entering the guide rail surface and causing failure. In addition, we should pay attention to the pressure cutting can not exceed the bearing force of the machine, to maintain one-sided and plate distance balance and symmetry. Each time before the boot to properly add lubricating oil, after the boot to check the safety device, to ensure safe work. The electrical system of the machine should be well insulated to protect the machine from moisture.

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